Strong patent protection beyond 2040

Follicum has a strong foundation of patents providing solid market protection until 2040. There are two key patents: firstly, the composition of matter of FOL005 and its use to stimulate hair growth (WO2013021212) which is granted in all major markets and secondly, the unique topical formulation of FOL005 enabling the peptide to penetrate the skin (PCT/EP2020/061453).

Milestone Plan

FOL005 milestones until 2026.

Capital Demand

The total capital demand until launch of FOL005 in the US and EU are an estimated 7 mEUR.

Partnering strategy

We are seeking global and regional partners in the dermatology area for the launch, distribution and marketing of a safe proprietary product series which is clinically proven to stimulate hair growth. We are also seeking for maufacturing partners which can scale up the production of the peptide and finished goods at acceptable cost of goods.


FOL005 is the most promising innovation in the a large and growing market for hair growth stimulation products. Ignoring the companies developing reformulations of existing marketed products, the late stage pipeline is dominated by companies developing topical androgen receptor antagonists. Kintor Pharmaceutical has advanced furthest and is in phase III with KX-826 in China for the treatment of male hair loss. Breezula from Cosmo Pharma has not progressed since reporting phase 2b data in 2019. (, GlobalData)