Preclinical research

Preclinical research

New peptide class with great potential in the treatment of diabetes
Our new peptide class stimulates insulin release and has the potential to be a valuable complement in the treatment of diabetes. During the past year, we have carried out a variety of preclinical studies that have shown that Follicum’s peptides have insulin-releasing effects that are comparable to, or even better than, existing diabetes treatments. Moreover, insulin release is potentiated with increasing glucose concentration in in vitro studies. The potential of the peptides has also been confirmed in glucose tolerance tests where they have a glucose lowering effect in experimental animals. The market for diabetes-related drugs is huge and very competitive. Therefore, we are focusing on identifying factors that can differentiate us from competitors and thereby lead to an early partnership engagement.


Follicum’s peptide shows a good effect compared to GLP-1, a substance currently used in diabetes treatment.

During the autumn 2018, we strengthened our diabetes’ patent and submitted an updated application to the patent authorities at the beginning of November. The preclinical work is carried out in cooperation with Follicum’s research network at Lund University.

The preclinical results demonstrate the ability of peptides to delay the onset of Type 1 diabetes in an animal model. The results further clarify that the peptide specifically distributes to the pancreas, which is beneficial for an insulin regulating drug because the pancreas is the body’s center for insulin production.

Follicum selected a drug candidate in early 2019 and our aim is to advance the preclinical work and thereafter initiate a phase I trial. The goal is to develop a project in diabetes that is attractive to global partners.

Participation in an international diabetes project
Follicum is part of a comprehensive diabetes project led by Lund University since 2017, funded by the Foundation for Strategic Research. In addition to Follicum, Scandinavia’s largest pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Probi, CardioVax, Region Skåne / Skåne University Hospital, and the world’s third largest pharmaceutical company Pfizer are participating in the project. This collaborative space provides valuable contacts and opportunities for networking at the highest international level. We are also very pleased that the Novo Nordisk Foundation awarded Professor Jan Nilsson’s research team at the Clinical Research Center at Lund University with in total DKK 1,400,000 in 2017/18 for performing preclinical diabetes studies with Follicum’s peptides.


Follicum peptides provide improved insulin release compared with control group, an improvement that is most evident at high glucose levels, such as for diabetic patients.