Jan Alenfall, CEO

Jan Alenfall holds a PhD and has over 20 years’ experience from pharmaceutical research and development, for example from research regarding new treatment for immunological diseases and cancer. Alenfall was Head of Pre-clinical and Clinical Development at Bioglan. He has also been Head of Research at Probi AB. Alenfall has solid experience within research, product development, pre-clinical and clinical trials and also in commercial collaborations. In 2006 he was appointed CEO at DermaGen AB. Alenfall has been the author and co-author of 17 publications in scientific journals and has six patent applications.

Jan Alenfall, CEO Follicum

Shares in the company:
Alenfall owns 100 % of Callipa AB, which owns 338 633 shares in Follicum AB.

Alenfall’s other assignments:
Callipa AB: Board Member, CEO

Maria Ekblad, R & D Director

Maria Ekblad has a Masters in Chemistry and more than 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Among these are research and development of new drugs for auto-immune diseases and cancer. In several assignments Maria was in charge of pre-clinical development at Active Biotech as well as their contract research services.

Maria Ekblad, R&D Director Follicum

Shares in the company:
Ekblad owns 13 330 shares in Follicum AB.

Gunnar Gårdemyr, CBO

Gunnar Gårdemyr has a Bachelors in economy and more than 35 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. His focus has been business development, strategy and marketing in companies like Astra, Ferring, Nycomed, Takeda, Acino and Targovax. Gårdemyr has been CEO for Targovax AS, in charge of M & A at Nycomed as well as head of global marketing for Ferring.


Shares in the company:
Gårdemyr owns 213 572 shares in Follicum AB.

Gårdemyr’s other assignments:

  • RhoVac AB: Chairman of the Board
  • Xspray AB: Board Member
  • Asgard Therapetics AB: Board Member
  • Iconovo AB: Board Member