• Patent approval in Europe for the company’s patent in diabetes


  • Vinnova grant for studies on FOL peptides binding to receptors on pancreatic cells
  • Patent approval in the US for the diabetes patent
  • The Phase II study with FOL-005 cream was initiated during the first quarter, and in the third quarter all patients were included despite a break in the recruitment process during spring due to the Covid-19 pandemic


  • Positive, human ex vivo data in preclinical diabetes studies with a new class of FOL peptides
  • Positive results in toxicology and in vivo studies in preparation for clinical studies with the new topical formulation of FOL-005
  • Three scientists employed in the diabetes project
  • Patent approval in Europe, USA and Korea for stimulation of hair growth
  • A Scientific Advisory Board for diabetes was set up
  • Collaboration agreement with Bioglan for manufacturing of the cream-like formulation for stimulation of hair growth
  • Eurostars grant for the development of the company’s first-in-class treatment for diabetes
  • Collaboration agreement with proDERM in Germany for conducting the clinical study with the topical formulation on alopecia patients


  • A user-friendly topical formulation with good stability and penetration capacity for stimulation of hair growth was developed
  • A clinical Phase II study with positive results on stimulation of hair growth was performed
  • Successful preclinical studies in the diabetes project


  • The clinical Phase I/IIa study showed good safety and a statistically significant stimulation of hair growth
  • Preclinical studies with new peptides showed positive results on diabetes
  • The diabetes research group at Lund University received grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to study Follicum’s peptides
  • Follicum took part in a large research project within diabetes at Lund University with grants from Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning
  • A formulation project on FOL-005 to develop a topical formulation was initiated


  • Follicum initiated a clinical Phase I/IIa study to study the safety and efficacy of the drug candidate FOL-005


  • Follicum performed several toxicological studies to prepare for future clinical studies in humans


  • Follicum received grants from ALMI to conduct a pre-study within dermatology
  • A collaboration with Professor Amos Gilhar at the university in Haifa (Technion) was initiated
  • Follicum was listed on Spotlight Stock Market (previously AktieTorget) on 25 November 2014


  • Positive results in Follicum’s preclinical studies resulted in Forska & Väx grants from Vinnova
  • Jan Alenfall appointed CEO


  • The company received Vinnova grants to conduct studies with FOL-005
  • Jan Alenfall was appointed as project leader
  • Collaboration with Professor Ralf Paus at the university in Münster was initiated and interesting preclinical results on FOL-005 were obtained at the Dabur Research Foundation in India


  • Follicum AB was founded
  • Preclinical experiments performed during the year indicated that Follicum’s peptides stimulated existing hair follicles


  • The founders discovered, in connection with research within atherosclerosis, that a modified protein increases hair growth in mice