Interview with Alejandra Mørk, new Member of the Board in Follicum

August 20, 2018

Interview with Alejandra Mørk, new Member of the Board in Follicum

What is your background and what have you done before joining Follicum?
I have worked with drug development in Pharma for 18 years, in areas of clinical development, regulatory affairs, project management and was my last years in pharma overall responsible for Drug Development in Nycomed. During that period, I was also very engaged in evaluation of in-licensing candidates. I participated in discussion with business development and legal departments about assessment of business opportunities and translating opportunities and risks into co-development agreements. During the last 10 years I have been developing a consultancy company – KLIFO AS – offering service in drug development for pharma and biotech with clients across Europe, in the US and even some in Asia.

Why did you join Follicum as a Board Member?
Follicum is from what I have been able to assess so far, a very well-run company, based on solid science and with a technology that opens many opportunities. The present leading projects, hair growth disorder and diabetes, both address sincere medical needs. The founders and the management are persons I believe want and can do a very good job, and it will be a pleasure supporting them in their visions for the company. I hope that we – by capturing the right opportunities and managing the risks and obstacles in drug development – can generate value for the shareholders.

What expertise will you bring to the Follicum Board?
I have extensive knowledge in international drug development and I will be able to assess development plans presented by management and if needed guide the management in their decisions. I have also worked extensively with drug development strategies, selection of target indications, differentiation of product profiles, management of risks, etc and have a wide experience in carrying out co-development agreements.

For further information, please contact:
Jan Alenfall – CEO, Follicum AB
Telephone: +46 (0)46 – 19 21 97

About Follicum AB
Follicum is a biotech company focused on the discovery and development of peptide-based drugs. The primary focus is in hair growth stimulation, where Follicum has obtained very promising results with FOL-005 in a recently completed clinical trial. In diabetes, Follicums research has resulted in a new peptide class which significantly increases the release of insulin in pre-clinical models. The company was founded in 2011, and is based in Lund, Sweden. Follicum is listed on the Swedish small cap exchange Spotlight since 2014.

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