FOL-014: Pre-clinical research

FOL-014: Pre-clinical research

Our pre-clinical research in collaboration with Professor Anna Hultgårdh at the Centre of Bio Medicine in Lund and with Professor Jan Nilsson at the Centre for Clinical Research of the University of Lund has resulted in our next promising drug candidate – FOL-014. The peptide has shown a specific binding to the beta cells in the pancreas, thus stimulating an increase of insulin release in the cells of mice.

FOL-014 tentatively shows the same potential as current GLP-1 analogues. Further pre-clinical trials will explore the scientific and medical potential of FOL-014. During spring 2017, Follicum was included in a large research project relating to diabetes at the University of Lund. The project is funded to the value of 100 MSEK by the Swedish Foundation of Strategic Research (see below).


Whole-body autoradiogram of section through mouse at 1 hour after subcutaneous administration of radiolabelled FOL-005. High concentration in skin and in pancreas.


FOL-014, marked in red, is binding to cells producing insulin in the pancreas. The blue colour signifies the cell nucleus and the green colour is used to create a contrast to other tissues


Release of insulin from isolated Langerhans islets after treatment with GLP-1 (black staple) and two different concentrations of FOL-014 (blue staples). White staples represent no treatment at all.