Our clinical phase I/IIa trial with FOL-005 was completed at the beginning of 2017, and showed a good safety of the treatment. The results also showed a clear stimulation of hair growth that was statistically significant. See FOL-005. The trials were carried out at the Clinical Research Centre (CRC) of the Charité University Hospital in Berlin.

In parallel with our development of FOL-005 we continue the pre-clinical trials with other peptides, among these FOL-014, which early on showed an increased release of insulin from the pancreas in in-vitro studies.

The Diabetes Research Group led by Professor Jan Nilsson at the Clinical Research Centre of Lund University receives a substantial financing from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to widen the pre-clinical research on diabetes with the Follicum peptides.

During spring 2017 Follicum was invited to become a partner in a very comprehensive research project with the University of Lund in diabetes research. This project has received a considerable funding of up to 100 MSEK from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. Read more: (Only in Swedish) Research cooperations.

Follicum is also actively pursuing different projects for the formulation of the treatment with FOL-005, ointments, cream, powder and other preparation, preparing for up-coming clinical trials.


Follicum initiated a clinical phase I/IIa trial at the University Hospital Charité In Berlin in order to study safety and effect of the drug candidate FOL-005.


Follicum carried out several toxicity trials as a preparation for upcoming clinical trials on humans.


Follicum was awarded 50 000 SEK from the Swedish fund ALMI in order to carry out a pre-study in dermatology applications.

Follicum began a collaboration with Professor Amos Gilhar at the Haifa University (Technion).

Follicum was listed on the Swedish small-cap exchange Spotlight Stock Market (formerly AktieTorget) on November 25, 2014.


Follicum received a further 3.5 MSEK from Vinnova’s grant “Forska & Väx” (Research & Growth) after showing positive results in pre-clinical studies. Lund University Bioscience invested another 2 MSEK.

Dr Jan Alenfall was appointed CEO.


The company received 500 KSEK (roughly 60 KUSD) from Vinnova to perform additional studies to strengthen the projects’ potential.

Collaboration with Professor Ralf Paus, University of Lübeck, was initiated and interesting pre-clinical results on Follicum’s studies was obtained from Dabur Research Foundation in India.

Lund University Bioscience AB invested 3.7 MSEK and Sunstone Capital, Denmark, invests 4 MSEK (roughly 470 KUSD).


Follicum AB is founded.

A pre-clinical experiment is finished, showing that Follicum’s peptides modulate hair growth in mice. New peptides are synthesized and a patent application for hair growth is filed.


The founders of the company discover, in connection with research on arteriosclerosis, that a modified protein increases hair growth in mice.