Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Gun-Britt Fransson, chairman of the board since 2018

Gun-Britt Fransson has more than 30 years of experience in management, business development and R&D within biotechnology, food and drug development. Until 2018 Fransson worked as VP R&D at Probi AB. Previous experience includes CEO of Alligator Bioscience AB, Research Director at Orkla Foods A / S and research-leading positions at KabiPharmacia AB. Fransson has extensive experience in board work and has held positions as Chairman and Board member, in both private and public companies, foundations and universities.


Shares in the company:
No shares

Fransson’s other assignments:

  • Lighthouse Life Science Consulting AB: Deputy
  • Lighthouse HB: Partner
  • MedicPen AB (publ): Board Member
  • Invent Medic Sweden AB: Board Member

Jonas Edelswärd, member of the board since 2018

Jonas Edelswärd is the CEO for Swedish Growth Fund and has more than 15 years of experience in various positions with high-tech start-up companies. The last eight years he has had the role as CEO of the privately held investment company AB Axel Granlund in Malmö.


Shares in the company:
Edelswärd owns <5% of the shares in Swedish Growth Fund AB who owns 5 241 642 shares in Follicum. Swedish Growth Fund AB owns a further 1 048 328 warrants in Follicum.

Edelswärd’s other assignments:

  • Freedesk AB: Board Member
  • Swedish Growth Fund AB: CEO
  • Swedish Growth Fund Holding AB: CEO
  • Galenica AB: Board Member
  • Pickwick Capital AB: Board Member
  • Rätt Mätt i Ramlösa AB: Board Member
  • This Zentury AB: Board Member
  • Galerie Leger AB: Deputy
  • Xpandor AB: Deputy
  • KBS Consulting AB: Deputy

Alejandra Mørk, member of the board since 2018

Alejandra Mørk is the CEO and main shareholder of KLIFO. Previously, she worked for Nycomed Pharma for 18 years, in various management positions in drug development and lifecycle management. Alejandra chairs the Danish Pharmaceutical Society, is a board member of Danish Biotech and a member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. She is also part of the EUCROF Paediatric Working Group.


Shares in the company:
No shares

Mørk’s other assignments:

  • iSD Immunotech ApS: Board Member
  • KLIFO Holding A/S: Board Member

Lars H. Bruzelius, member of the board since 2013

Lars H. Bruzelius is an Associate Professor in Business Administration and a management consultant with large experience from various business areas, amongst other Medtech. Bruzelius has for example held the position as Vice President and Administrative Director at Gambro AB and founded, developed, owned and acted as the CEO for management consultant companies. Bruzelius has been a member of the board in several companies and acted as investor in several start- ups, primarily within life science.


Shares in the company:
Bruzelius owns through Brushamn Invest Aktiebolag 583 315 shares. Bruzelius owns a further, through Brushamn Invest Aktiebolag, 151 584 warrants in Follicum.

Bruzelius other assignments:

  • Brushamn Holding Aktiebolag: Board Member
  • Brushamn Invest Aktiebolag: Board Member
  • Cantargia AB: Board Member
  • Catella Fondförvaltning AB: Board Member
  • Lunicore Studentkonsult AB: Board Member
  • Lunds universitets stipendiestiftelse: Board Member

Anna Hultgårdh Nilsson, member of the board since 2011

Anna Hultgårdh-Nilsson, professor at Lund University, holds a Ph D in Medical Cell Biology from the Karolinska Institute. Hultgårdh-Nilsson has worked with, among other things, cell and molecular biology with a focus on vascular biology at Karolinska Institute and at Lund University. In 2011 Hultgårdh-Nilsson, together with Pontus Dunér and LU Bioscience AB, founded Follicum AB. Hultgårdh-Nilsson has published more than 60 scientific articles and has extensive experience of academic research.


Shares in the company:
Hultgårdh Nilsson and family owns 100 % of Atherioco AB which owns 573 861 shares in Follicum. Hultgårdh Nilsson and family owns a further 90 908 shares privately in Follicum.

Hultgårdh Nilssons other assignments:

  • Atherioco AB: Board Member